The Leston L Havens MD Teaching Site

Constructing Livable Lives

Leston Laycock Havens MD, Professor Emeritus Harvard University Cambridge, Massachusetts was an American psychiatrist, a psychotherapist with psychoanalytic training and a prolific author. Havens is known best for his ground-breaking use of clinical methods and language (tape 50) individualized according to the needs of each patient. His biological research and contributions to the rehabilitation of severely ill patients stand on their own. Few practitioners matched the scope and depth of his teaching skills.

“Constructing Livable Lives” is a free and active teaching site that will serve to continue the teaching of the scholarly and clinical work of Leston L Havens MD. For the first time Havens’s complete teaching lectures, books, papers, videos, and audios are centrally located.

This website is accessible via computers, tablets, and phones. The media is in a standard format (mp3, mp4) and is accessible via iPod or any compatible audio or video device which supports these formats. Many journals and organizations have generously given permissions for the use of PDF’s, audios and videos. Original materials may be accessed through, The Center for the History of Medicine, Francis A. Countway Library of Medicine, Harvard University, Boston, MA, USA.

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