“Plainly, specific means of alliance formation need to be taught and practiced whatever the particular treatment method. The first goal is to find the patient and the patient to find the clinician, as both are required for a real alliance. The second is dealing with the differences between patient and clinician.” Excerpt from The Best Kept Secret, 2004

Havens L L The Best Kept Secret: Forming and Maintaining Alliance 2004 PDF

“…if we could only do this or remake that; our problems would fall from us like and old skin.” Excerpt from section of unpublished paper, 1971

Havens L L Hysteria III, “Hopes for change” Archives title, 1971 PDF

“I recall from my supervision with Les several of his key supervisory messages to me. One was, “Work less” or, “Don’t work so hard; don’t follow the patient so closely:’ Or, responding to a particular interpretation in my process presentation, he said, “That’s a wonderful idea. I think you should keep that to yourself and save it for your next paper:’ Excerpt from Leston Havens: Presence and Absence Division Review APA , 2014

Pizer, Stuart A. PhD Leston Havens:Presence and Absence Division Review APA Div. 39 No.9 pp 29 2014 PDF

Havens’s Practice

Les Havens saw thousands of hours of patients privately and in consultation at various hospitals and clinics.

His note taking was brief for each session. On many of the covers of his patient files he would note a breakthrough or write a literary description about the patient to remind himself about the essence of the case.

All of the patient files have been shredded of course but attached are a few examples of the notes on the covers of four non-identifiable files.