Northern Exposure T.V. Series

c-ne-lestonhavensFrom time to time residents from Dartmouth Medical School met with Les Havens for supervision. Apparently a group of them wrote a few episodes for the T.V. series Northern Exposure in which they cast Lester Haynes, the Indian wise man modeled after Leston Havens and played by Apesanahkwat, a Native American actor.


ne-joel-lead-characterJoel Fleischman (played by Rob Morrow) is the central character, a young, somewhat uptight, Jewish doctor from Manhattan (New York City) who is contractually bound to practice in the remote Alaskan town of Cicely for four years to repay a student loan from the state. The comedy centers originally on the clash between Fleischman’s neurotic, almost Woody Allen-like, urban mindset and the easy-going, community-minded people around him. As time went on, the show focus shifted to the quirky characters of the town.

5 Episodes, (1993 – 1995) “Northern Exposure”

A River Doesn’t Run Through It (1993)

Sons of the Tundra (1994)

c-ne-castGrand Prix (1994)

A Wing and a Prayer (1994)

Balls (1995)

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