Honoring Leston Havens MD

When Havens retired from the Head of The Residency Program at The Cambridge Massachusetts Health Alliance in 1996 a “Roast” was held in his honor following a psychotherapy conference in Boston.

Robert Dowart MD Chairman Cambridge Department of Psychiatry put together a book of letters from colleagues and students of LLH’s.

PDF of Conference and book of letters

George Vaillant MD was unable to attend. This video contains his reflections on being a resident under Havens at Massachusetts Mental Health Center.

Vaillant George MD Personal Reflection on Being a Resident Under Havens (video)

Leon Eisenberg MD Professor Social Medicine Harvard Medical School,  Letter to Havens 1996

“I do feel sorry for the next generation of residents who will not have the pleasure of having you as their training director…” (Full Letter PDF)

Festschrift to Leston Havens MD 2004

In 2004 colleagues and students, chosen by Havens, came together to write a traditional Festschrift. This traditionally is a book honoring a respected person, especially an academic and presented during his or her lifetime. The term, borrowed from German, could be translated as celebration publication or celebratory (piece of) writing.   Contributors were: Michael R. Maddow, M.D. Lawrence Friedman, M.D. Thomas G. Gutheil, M.D. Alex N. Sabo, M.D. Alan E. Seigel Ed.D. Janna Malamud Smith, MSW Donald S. Gair, M.D. George Vaillant, M.D. Edward Hundert, M.D. Douglas G. Jacobs, M.D. Arthur Kleinman, M.D. Peter Kramer, M.D. Alfred Margulies, M.D. David Garfield, M.D. Steve Bergman, M.D. James P. Gustafson, M.D. Henry F. Smith, M.D.

Memorial Service (audio & video)

Havens’s Memorial Service was held in Memorial Church Harvard Yard. It included what he had requested, a New Orleans jazz band funeral procession band, the singing of hymns, Broadway music, and spoken eulogies by family, friends, and colleagues who knew him during all parts of his life.

Memorials Written or Delivered By Leston L. Havens MD

Havens often spoke extemporaneously at memorial services for friends and colleagues such as Myron Sharif, Ph.D. and Paul Roazen Ph.D. He wrote and delivered eulogies for Ives Hendrik, MD, Elvin Semrad MD and Paul Russell MD.

Ives Hendrick MD

Elvin Semrad MD

Paul Russell MD